"I really noticed that I am feeling 'clearer'. Hard to explain except that it seems my face/skin feels cleaner at a deeper level. It feels vibrant. I'm thinking that's because my lymph is moving more freely as a result of T-Tapp....Thanks for the awesome detail on the arm reach for PBS. Thinking of the movement as reaching and placing the palms together really makes a difference." Sheri
"The Tapp-Core Walking segment this morning was a great workout for me all by itself! I am not sure I could do it with a dog on my back yet! I loved the feeling of my lungs deep breathing afterwards and doing my CRT is just a real treat that I am looking forward to every day! Although, I know weight loss is not the total objective with this course, I was happy to see that I have lost two pounds this week and I would attribute it to following the Leptin Rule #1." Becky
"...while I was not able to make the committment to myself to follow through as much as I would have liked when I took the course you coached, I saved all of your materials and last year was in fact able to make a big jump, losing 46 pounds (and maintaining the loss for over a year now!) and going from a tight 16 to an 8. Thank you for that!" Anna
"I like this schedule, it builds a great foundation and it also saves time, but I feel it's very efficient. Until now I didn't have a training plan. I've tried to create one on my own, but mostly I did some exercises only as time has allowed. Now that I have a plan, it's much easier." Orsi
All you ladies out there consider Margit's e-course. I took the one in Jan 2005 and I now exercise regularly, I entered the book contest and I am doing the contest going on now. I have lost about 28 inches since January. Still a long way to go, but I am on the right road. This course also helped with other things in my life. I could not THANK Margit enough for all her encouragement and help and advice. THANKS Margit. Really, ladies, try the course Dorothy (from the T-Tapp forums)
I have heard countless times in the past weeks (from Margit, the daily thoughts and from Teresa on the dvds) that all I need to to is my BEST each day (not BE the best at it all) and go to my max and change, physically and mentally, WILL come. I can relax in that. I have also accepted (sheesh! I finally get it!) that my health and appearance are not dependent on a number on the scale but how I look and feel when I'm taking care of myself. I'm getting that "less is more" with tapping and I don't have to be a slave to exercising -- just consistent! Krista
Margit and her course took my "interest" in T-Tapp and helped turn it into a passion and belief system. Margit's gentle encouragement, thorough knowledge of T-Tapp fundamentals, and strong integration of balance and harmony in life in general is a perfect complement to the T-Tapp system. I feel blessed to have been a part of her course and feel she has been one of the most positive influences in my life in terms of health and fitness. Unlike personal trainers with their "rah rah" mantras, Margit's empathetic nature and the topics of her course encouraged me to T-Tapp more than I would have on my own, and certainly more than I've done any other fitness regimens. Her approach helped me view T-tapp as an integral holistic system in my life. I felt like I had a partner and ally in my quest for better health and a more balanced life, and she helped me see how T-tapp, unlike other programs, isn't just about whittling my waist, but rather getting healthy from the inside out. I can't express my gratitude enough for this course, and I'm encouraging Margit to expand it into a 'part 2' or advanced version for those of us who would like to work with her again. Thank you for making Margit one of your trainers--she's absolutely fantastic and a positive, down-to-earth and wholly compassionate carrier of the "T-Tapp torch." Mareesa
Margit, I'd like to let you know that I hesitated about taking this course when I first found out the dates because I have so little personal time during tax season. However, I had wanted to take the course and knew I would get something good out of it so I went ahead and committed myself to it even during tax season. And after the tax season I have had so far, I cannot begin to imagine how it would've gone without the course. I clearly made the right decision. Selena
I would tell Teresa Tapp that you are doing a wonderful service by offering this course. It has helped me a great deal. Plus, your empathy and positive reinforcement was instrumental in helping me to get through stumbling blocks. I appreciated the T-Tapp hints, too. I like that T-Tapp is part of the course, but I think the course is much more than that and is a complement to the exercise itself. It's not so much about the actual exercise program, but getting yourself in a frame of mind to accept that you have to exercise and might as well make it a positive experience that will help you live a healthier life. Molly
I feel so much stronger physically but also emotionally too and it feels great. I guess bottom line: because of this course I believe in myself. You have given me a wonderful gift and I am so thankful for that. I will always treasure you for that.
I would tell people that if they have trouble staying committed to T-Tapp or to anything that they would benefit from this. Also it is just plan good for anyone to do this course to better understand how they could stay commitment to one's self.
I can't say enough about Margit's e-course. It has not only helped me to exercise consistently; but I also believe I broke the "self-sabotage" pattern. This course has also helped in other facets in my life. I just can't say enough about it except I can't THANK Margit enough for this wonderful course. Lillian
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone, from T-Tapp beginner to veteran. Margit will take excellent care of you. There are so many wonderful components to this course and honestly each of them alone is worth the cost. I absolutely loved Margit's workout schedules which included not only a mix of workouts but also different intensity options. There are many combinations that I probably never would have tried but now I have a core schedule that I can modify and play with. The weekly form tips were incredible-but of course what would you expect-we're talking about Margit here. She gives you the whys for the move, how the move should feel and various tips and tricks to help you achieve better form. And should her comprehensive tips not be enough she's just an e-mail away and ready to help. Speaking of just being an e-mail away--during this course I e-mailed her every day to check in that I had worked out, and every morning there would be an e-mail waiting for me--cheering me on and giving me loads of positive feedback Can you tell I thought this course was fantastic? TinaLE
(From a post on the T-Tapp forums about Blisswork.)I just found this thread, and having just gone through the e-course had to jump in here and Rave with a capital R! It has really helped me to focus on what's important, and I am down almost 2 sizes in just a short time, after having tried for so long and having no results. Margit covers all the bases, and made me feel like I was the only person she cared about, lots of personal attention (as you may have noticed on the special thread just for me "Kick Butt with Katy") She does whatever each person needs, and it's catered to the style of individual which she assesses in the very beginning. Lots of fun and new friendship! Katy
I liked the Mastering Leptin information -- it was good food for thought (no pun intended). I'm still digesting it (pun intended). I also felt that your giving your own examples of how you answered questions, such as what your list of troubles was helped me in developing mine.
Margit's course helped me identify self-sabotaging habits & work to correct them. I gave her some of my medical history & she was quick to ask Teresa Tapp question on my behalf. I think she sensed my frustration dealing with thyroid issues and a pituitary tumor. I was very appreciative of that. Margit also sketched out a bootcamp and two other workout schedules based on the T-Tapp videos I had with differing levels of intensity. She was a tremendous encouragement to me. She was real and shared some of herself with those who took her course. Teresa is blessed to have her as a member of the T-tapp team!
I have gone from hating T-Tapp and dreading workouts to looking forward to doing something every day. I have a lot more confidence that I can do this. I have a better understanding of how T-Tapp works and how to do movements properly.
I love the assignments!! Each assignment makes me more aware of things I have been doing wrong, teaches me how to make those wrongs right and puts everything back in perspective and gets me heading in the right direction. I must admit that I always start out the week great, keeping focused on my assignments, but have noticed I lose a grasp of them later in the week when I let other things get in the way...my bad energies. That was a good assignment!! What awareness that gives you!! It's so great how you gently make me realize how the negative things I've been doing are so harmful by showing how much better a positive approach is. Also, I'm trying to really focus my energies on myself and instead of just going through the motions (what a waste of time!) really focus on everything...my posture, my walking, form all day, foods that feel good, movements that feel good, keeping focused while tapping (my mind wanders sometimes) and really listen to my body. I've recently learned that my body craves PBS, I feel so much better and straighter and pulled together all day long when I start my day out with it. And that makes me feel better about myself, which is a great way to start the day!
Margit's course has most helped me by making me aware that I can positively affect my life and my choices. I'm more conscious about the choices I make and don't feel like I'm in bondage. Change can happen. This course was what I need to get myself on a better fitness routine. Margit's positive encouragements and willingness to help was always present and much appreciated. Tips and Motivational information was wonderful, helpful, and applicable. Sharon R.
This course has given me hope. In my mind, I have always "seen" myself as I was in my 30's. But in a mirror, I saw a frumpy post-menopausal woman. Through this course, I now know I can make changes happen to my body. Star H.
I would tell Teresa Tapp that this course is really a great idea. I have read and listened to many exercise experts like Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Karen Voight, You name it, and I don't remember anyone else offering anything so personal, or for such an extended length of time. I am really impressed by Teresa's caring interest in those that are following her plan. I know that one person can't do it all, but she trains her instructors well, and teaches them to reach not just the muscles, but the heart. Liz S.
I would recommend your course to those that need help getting started not only in T-Tapp, but in a lifestyle change. Your research, advice and support are invaluable to those trying to change how they think about themselves, their bodies and their lives.
You have done a great job at presenting this course to us. You are committed to T-Tapp and other peoples' success with it and that I have greatly appreciated all the help that you have given me and that you are still offering to me. You have encouraged me more than you know, you have kept me on track and accountable when I would otherwise have dropped out for a while. You have also given me better self esteem about myself.

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